In the beginning of week it became known that following generation of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Japanese prepare to make hybrid. New Evo will be equipped with the 500-strong hybrid engine and, possibly, can contend even with Nissan GT-R. The stereotype that on the hybrid car it is possible to overtake unless the bicyclist, left for a long time in a non-existence, and we decided to make the list of ten fastest hybrids, but do it in our own way.

BMW ActiveHybrid 3 on one only the electro-motor about 75 kilometers per hour are capable to be dispersed, but at the engaged hybrid mode the maximum speed increases to 250 kilometers per hour, and on dispersal to hundred leaves only 5,3 seconds. The direct competitor of “three” – Infiniti M35h. The maximum same speed, but dispersal passes hardly more slowly – 5 and a half a second. It is necessary to tell, as the price of both sedans is approximately identical: in the different countries of Europe the price list starts from 52-56 thousand euro.

The following pair of competing fast and hybrid cars is BMW ActiveHybrid 5 and Lexus GS 450h. In both cases there is an arrester on 250 km/h, dispersal to hundred occupies from both 5,9 seconds. And here at the price of Lexus it appears a little more attractive: 54 750 euros against 63 200 euros which are requested by Bavarians.

In a representation segment of the fastest hybrids there was an opposition between BMW ActiveHybrid 7 and Porsche Panamera S E-hybrid. The maximum speed – 250 and 270 kilometers per hour in favor of Porsche. From 0 to 100 km/h of Panamera again it appears a bit faster: 5,3 seconds, whereas at BMW – 5,7 seconds. However, the insignificant advancing in dynamics pours out in the impudent price list in 110 409 euros. The price for hybrid “seven” on the average begins from 88 200 euros.

The pair of crossovers got to the list of 10 fastest hybrid cars also: Audi Q5 Hybrid Quattro and Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid. Cayenne types one hundred for 6,5 seconds at the maximum speed of 242 km/h and floor price in 83 039 euros. At Q5 each of these indicators on an order more low: 7,1 seconds, 225 kilometers per hour and 50 900 euros.

Porsche 918 – one of the first serial super cars with the hybrid motor. Speedup to hundred for 2,8 seconds and the maximum 340 kilometers per hour allow it to compete to the fastest cars of a planet. In total than 768 020 euros for everyone are planned no more than 918 copies in cost not less.

Well and, at last, the fastest hybrid car of the present is Ferrari F70 more known as LaFerrari. The engine from Ferrari FXX and 2 electro motors give in aggregate 963 horse-powers which disperse F70 to hundred for 2,6 seconds and provide the maximum speed of 350 km/h. For all pleasure it is necessary to lay out 1 228 000 euros.

It seems, brand new Ferrari FF shortly catches the serious contender from McLaren. The British motor-car manufacturer as it is possible tried to keep as fiduciary the future model more assiduously. The new car will be created on base super car MP4-12C and in many respects under the concept will be similar to Ferrari FF. However the British magazine says that the car will be much cheaper. While Ferrari FF price in the British market makes about the $370,000, new McLaren will be estimated in $250,000.

The car will show double model, however with a space large supply, rather than at MP4-12C. Under a cowl the car will have an eight-cylinder V-engine in volume of 3.8-litre with two-level turbo compressor, whose capacity makes 592 h.p.

For admirers of fast driving on a motorcycle not news that on such trips is necessary to have equipment for all occasions. And after all on roads it is simply enough these cases. Therefore it is necessary that, all equipment was in readiness to execute the function. All equipment in clothes can be divided conditionally on two categories: obligatory equipment and auxiliary.

The crash helmet concerns principal views of protective equipment. It needless to say as this requirement is obligatory and is supervised by road security services of movement. Models of helmets happen the diversified and get out depending on preference of the buyer. Though there are also some features of a choice of a crash helmet. But it concerns seasonal prevalence of a choice more. Among recommended protection can always be necessary which can protect from a wind and a rain at great speed. Also it is recommended to get motor-boats. Certainly, not to manage and without motor-gloves. Also the motor-turtle – an armor protecting a clavicle, back joints, a thorax often puts on. Though it also holds down movements, but is irreplaceable protection on a bad line quite capable to protect the driver from traumas and mutilations during possible road accident.

Cars like Volkswagen Sirocco R and Ford Focus RS became for a long time the present hits in the European market, therefore there is nothing surprising that one fine day, someone decided to oppose them each other. The improvised competition took place on the well-known German line a Nurburgring. From this arrival the present show which went in in a video clip in length more than 8 minutes turned out. Much is required to you not: only to lean back in an armchair and to observe of cars.

And as a small reminder: Volkswagen Sirocco R is equipped two-liter 4 cylinder TSI engine power of 265 h.p. while Ford Focus RS has under a cowl the 2.5-litre DOHC type engine power of 300 h.p. The maximum speed of Volkswagen reaches 250 km/h, and Focus – 260 km/h.

To car SRT Viper debut there is one more day and the fact of returning of a long-awaited sport car difficult from someone to conceal. First two teaser car images plough for a long time already world wide web open spaces, only confirming this fact. Besides, on them it is possible to judge and that new Viper a tribute of respect to appearance of original model pays. The car will be refined, graceful and even more impressing. The new picture shows for the first time the car from such foreshortening when it turns out to make out important details.

And as a small reminder: new Viper it will be equipped with the ten-cylinder V-engine in volume of 8.7-liters – the greatest engine that Chrysler was ever used, – therefore from it is necessary to expect a phenomenal power. In manufacture the car arrives only in the end of this year.

The French manufacturer Renault presented Clio RS Red Bull Racing RB7. It is the special version of the car which is used including for flowers delivery, arrives to Europe in the limited party. Its cost begins from 27,900 euros.This fast car has special black coloring of body Profond Black with application of the yellow elements named Sirius Yellow, the image of a checkered flag on a roof, logos Red Bull Racing on doors, and also 18-inch wheels with rubber Bridgestone RE050A. In interior you see sports seats Recaro and the RS-monitor which shows the data connected with productivity.

Under Renault Clio RS Red Bull Racing RB7 cowl the 2,0-litre engine with four cylinders which can brag of capacity of 200 horsepower’s and a twisting moment of 215 Nanometers settles down. It allows to be dispersed with 0 to 100 km/h for 6,9 seconds, and to develop the maximum speed of 225 km/h. This model will be exhausted in France, Spain, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

Motor-car manufacturer Gumpert intended to show a certain mysterious car and as soon as secret covers slept in Geneva, present at an exhibition could admire personally new Apollo R and special model Apollo Enraged.

Last not only managed to stay as fiduciary to the debut, but also could become the most exclusive car, whose circulation makes only three models. New Apollo Enraged the twin-turbo is equipped with the engine in volume of 4.2-litre and capacity of 780 horsepower’s eight-cylinder V-shaped. Reach first “hundreds” car the second can for 2.9 seconds, and – for 8.7 that sends Aventador J in the deserved holiday.

The car body represents a combination of aluminum and carbon fibers. The car has stylized under F1 a ventilating box, “jalousie” for cooling of wheels, light-emitting diode day fires, aluminum wheels, and also differs an exclusive embroidery of interior.